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Environmental Pest Control

Environmental pest control can mean the difference between a useable space in your home or workplace, and an infestation. We can do extermination, as well as proactive pest prevention, so that not only will the pests be removed, but they won’t come back.

Environmental Pest Control Kennesaw

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In our local area the extremely large populations and wide range of pest types means you need an expert. We have 20 years of experience at pest control and are fully licensed and insured so you can be protected and secure.

Rodent Exterminator

One of our most requested services as an environmental pest control company is rodent extermination. With this being the case, we always like to follow up with education and training on rodent prevention. This means that you first get what you are after, freedom from rats and mice, and secondly you get to take a step towards an environmentally friendly way to prevent the return of a rodent infestation.

One of our specialities in rodent prevention is exclusion. What exclusion covers is doing a full inspection and then identifying and closing up gaps where rodents are entering your buildings. This will keep your buildings rodent free without the need for extermination. Give us a call now to get a free inspection!

Environmental Pest Control Solutions

Every building has a specific need when it comes to environmental pest control, whether you have a roach problem or want to get rid of ants, each situation is unique. Therefore it will require a unique solution.

If a pest inspection revealed you had rodents in your attic, roaches coming out at night and ants living in one of the walls, we would tailor a solution for that. We would map out and place baits to remove the ant colony, trap and bait separately for the rodents and do a surface spray to handle the roaches. Then we’d follow all this up with external treatments to prevent the return of each of these pests. While these are not the exact steps your home might need, it gives an outline of what a solution might look like.

Green Pest Exterminator KennesawBy doing individualized environmental pest control plans, we not only ensure you get every pest problem fixed, but it’s done with the minimum of pest control treatment. This keeps your pest control environmentally friendly and matching with integrated pest management recommendations.

Pest Prevention

We stand by the statement that the best kind of environmental pest control is the one that requires the least. By proper planning and use of specialist pest knowledge we only carry out the minimum required to do proper pest control.

The key to good environmental pest control is prevention. By applying the advice and training we give free of charge, you will be able to do the most good for the environment while still keeping your buildings pest free. Methods for exclusion, removing breeding grounds, proper drainage, these are just a few of a very large list of items that can help to keep your property pest free.

Environmental pest control can give you freedom from pests
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We are here when you need environmental pest control in Kennesaw, Marietta, Acworth and surrounding cities.