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Exterior pest control is essential to keeping your home free from roaches, ants, lice and even rats & mice. When you want a company who can keep you safe from all of these, and do it at great prices, call us. We offer complete exterior pest control services and can put preventative measures in place for your home or business. Call now for a free estimate!

Exterior Pest Control Kennesaw

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The majority of our preventative pest control is done around the exterior of your property, which will stop pests from ever getting inside your building. We even deliver free training on the measures you can take personally for pest prevention.

By delivering this training, you will be able to put the best practices in place to avoid attracting pests. Things such as food left out, or open packets which have sweet substances inside them can be the fastest way to invite pests into your home. We’ll give you a free consultation on what actions to take or avoid when you choose us for your pest control, which means that you are effectively doing your own exterior pest control and you only call us in when needed.

Exterior Pest Control Company

Our goal is to stop the pests before they ever get into your homes or exterior buildings. By putting effective pest control methods in place in the areas surrounding your buildings, the bugs and rodents will be stopped before you ever see them.

When our teams use integrated pest management, you get the most cost-effective exterior pest extermination service. This also means that your family and business are protected safely and with a completely environmentally-friendly, multi-faceted approach. So you can rest assured that your property is in good hands!

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When a pest problem has gone beyond the prevention stage, the next step is to get rid of them. This is especially true with rat and mice infestations. When extermination is the only option, we we use the most environmentally friendly, yet effective, methods, so that your exterior pest control only does what you need and nothing more.

We only do the minimum level of pesticides required to get rid of the pests before phasing back into preventative methods. We use our extensive knowledge of pests to set the point where extermination has been successful. When it comes to exterior pest control, we prefer a light touch targeted to the unique pest so that there is no harm to your living or working environment while still removing the insects or rodents.

One of the most important parts of exterior pest control is ensuring we aren’t harming any other animals unintentionally. After 20 years of experience, we have the skills to do direct pest control with extreme care taken to not harm any pets. For owners of exoctic pets such as reptiles or birds this is very important.

Our knowledge of exotic animals means you can safely hire us to carry out your exterior pest control and not be concerned about the health of your pets. We know what can and can’t be done around the variety of possible pets owners might have and we will always take the utmost care to do the right thing. If we have even the slightest concern about a product near one of your pets, we won’t use it!

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