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Pest management is an important part of proper pest control. We can take care of your pest management needs in a proven efficient and environmentally friendly method. When you choose us as your pest control service, you will never need to worry about your pest problem again. We offer the highest quality services for affordable rates, and we stand by our work!

Pest Management Kennesaw

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The key to good pest management is in the inspection. A thorough pest inspection will determine which pests actually exist on your property, what type of environment exists in the surrounding areas that might attract pests, and what type of pests are likely to come into an area with a change in seasons. All these factors and more will go into designing your individual pest management program.

Once a complete picture of the local pest situation has been established, we will implement a full pest management plan. This will include steps to prevent seasonal pests, extermination of existing problem pests, as well as giving you training on what you can do to prevent attracting pests. This type of pest control is referred to as integrated pest management.

Want to know more? We are always willing to take a call and give some friendly pest control advice. We also offer free inspections, and answer any inquiries rapidly, so give us a call!

Integrated Pest Management

We follow the most environmentally friendly method of pest management. It is usually referred to as integrated pest management but could also be called the “common sense approach.” By taking known seasonal patterns of pests, monitoring local populations and type of pests, doing thorough pest inspections, and finally comparing all this to the needs of the customer, we’re able to handle just what you need addressed.

We design a tailor made pest management solution. This can include extermination and exclusion (finding where the pests are getting in, and stopping them there). It can also include putting in good sense habits and even clearing out pest breeding grounds. You can make use of our extensive pest management knowledge and have your pest problem handled with the minimum of impact on the environment, and your family’s health and well-being.

Pest Management KennesawWith 20 years of experience in pest control, we understand the unique pest types in our local area and what it takes to effectively keep your buildings pest free. Let us come and do a free inspection and show you how we can help!

Roach Pest Management

Nobody wants to find roaches in their homes. Aside from the sanitation concerns they provide, it can also be just plain unsettling. While most homeowners care little for the distinction between different types of roaches and just want them gone, we ensure a complete inspection so that we can do a pest management plan to take care of the problem. Knowing what type of roach is present will change the pest control method that we use.

Once a complete pest inspection is done and the infestation correctly identified, then an extermination can be carried out. This will be followed by putting correct exclusion methods in place. Next is some free advice and training from us so that you can actively help to stop roaches from returning. Finally we schedule regular visits to do exterior pest control.

Doing routine pest control is the only sure way to stop the roaches from returning to your home. The frequency of visits comes in a range of options depending on your needs and we will be happy to explain them to you. Give us a call to have us get started on getting the roaches out of your life for good!

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