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Home Termite Control

Home termite control is a necessity for every home. We can do a termite inspection and create a tailor-made home termite control plan for you, totally free of charge. Our plan will lay out not only removing the existing termites, but also future prevention.

Home Termite Control Kennesaw

Every day that termites are in your home they are doing damage
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Home Termite Control Service

We have been doing home termite control for 20 years and are very proud of maintaining all our licenses and keeping up with all laws and regulations governing pest control. We are also fully insured so that your home is protected against all eventualities. As members of the Georgia Pest Control Association we maintain the high standards expected of local home termite control companies.

As a termite control service, we service a great deal of building types; however, we specialize in home termite control and all the details that go into that. This includes doing complete inspections and doing tailor-made plans for your home, as well as giving your home the respect it deserves. We always operate with courtesy when inside your home as we want you to remain comfortable throughout our services. Call now to set up your free inspection!

Home Termite Inspection

Before any termite control measures can be taken the first step is always a full inspection. By establishing what type of termites exist in a home, determining their population levels, and comparing this to seasonal changes, we can create a complete plan for your home termite control.

When we inspect your home, we aren’t just looking to see what pests exist, we are also ensuring there is nothing we might inadvertently harm. The most important part of protecting your home is making sure we account for the presence of children and pets and don’t use any chemicals that would endanger them in any way.

We are especially careful around exotic pets such as reptiles and birds, we will adapt our pest control method to suit them when needed. This is not something you need to worry about, but just one more reason to choose us as your home termite control company; the one that will do a complete inspection and take your pets into consideration when planning your pest elimination.

Home with Termite DamageOnce we have finished our inspection, we will lay out a plan and give you a free estimate on what the needed services will cost, and all of these steps are done totally free. We believe our advice and expertise shouldn’t cost you anything.

Home Termite Removal

After a complete home termite control plan is laid out, the first step is usually removal. You will be shown the plan and what our recommendations are, and as soon as you are happy to move forward, we will then start doing the home termite control and fit this in with your schedule. This first step will involve both the inside of your home and the exterior areas.

By doing both the inside to exterminate the existing termites and then treating the exterior, we are putting the prevention in place. We want your home protected year-round, and based on the initial inspection and our knowledge of the local area and pest types, we will recommend the routine exterior treatment needed to prevent future infestation.

We are the real deal when it comes to protecting your property and those you love. Give us a call now to set up your free inspection and we’ll get going!

Termites should never come back into your home
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We do home termite control in Kennesaw, Marietta, Acworth and nearby areas.