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Termite Control Treatment

Correctly done termite control treatment is essential to keeping your home or business free from termites and the serious damage they can cause. We can remove the termites with precision treatment and then do regular follow up termite control treatment to keep your buildings totally termite free.

Termite Control Treatment Kennesaw

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We are fully licensed to carry out termite control treatment and meet all state safety requirements so that you can be guaranteed you are getting professional care. With full insurance and maintaining our membership with the Georgia Pest Control Association we are a complete termite control service.

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Termite Control Treatment Inspection

A termite inspection is a necessity before carrying out termite control treatment. By identifying the type of termite and the level of infestation, we can put together a complete plan for termite removal. Your buildings are unique, so your pest control solution needs to be unique.

Our termite inspection will not only provide the groundwork for the termite control treatment, but also lay out the best options for prevention. By putting the measures in place to prevent termites from returning to your buildings when termite season occurs, your building will stay safe and secure.

Residential Termite Prevention

While termite control treatment for commercial buildings is usually factored into the budget and is a routine action, homes require a unique approach. Not every homeowner has planned for termite removal, so we like to give you as many options as possible. By doing our inspections for free, you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our advice and recommendations for prevention are totally free; we can take a look at your home and make some simple suggestions to help prevent a termite infestation, so you may never need to carry out a termite control treatment.

Termite Treatments

Termite Treatment

Once a thorough termite inspection is complete, we will then carry out a termite control treatment. This varies depending on your home's exact specifications and the results of the inspection, factoring in seasonal termite swarming.

An initial termite treatment will be done both inside and outside; the inside will be to exterminate an existing termite problem, with the outside being done to prevent further infestation.

The frequency of follow up routine visits will be based on the information gathered in the original inspection and your own personal needs for termite control treatment. These visits will only require outside treatment to ensure the termites are still being kept out of your structures.

The final step will be prevention methods, we will personally train yourself and any staff you might want in steps that can be taken to prevent termites. This becomes the most environmentally friendly way to keep termites out rather than just relying on termite control treatment.

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We carry out termite control treatment in Kennesaw, Marietta, Acworth and surrounding areas.